Life and the people God Sends Our Way

God, Allah, Jesus, Budda or Yahway whom ever you decide to worship, I bid you grace, peace and above all else LOVE!  Life presents us many twists and turns that are unexpected. But one thing is for sure that faith must remain in the higher power in which we believe. As 2016 ends within 30 days from this posting, I have been in reflection mode and trying to understand why everything happened the way God wanted for me. I have said this in numerous post life, presents a new challenge every day. And even when we take and “L” we should not see it as a lost but merely a lesson. There is a lesson young sister in that recent heartbreak, so how have you learned how to love yourself more? There is a lesson young man in your friend being arrested, what does that show you about the company you keep? There is a lesson friend in that recent cancer diagnosis, how has this made you trust in God more? There is a lesson young man as to why you have two children by the same woman, what does that tell you about love or a family structure? Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the United States, what does that say about the times in which we currently live in?

In efforts of establishing this post, I wanted to share a recent chapter of a self-help novel that made me think, reflect and realize all the wrong players I had sitting at my table. The table is one of a the most prestigious that are in your inner circle for thoughts, prayers and even family time together. For me after reading this specific chapter of the novel, I have to become a HERMIT, to reevaluate and cut the CANCER out of my lifestyle. Upon reading this excerpt, if you are pushed to purchase this book please do it! 

An excerpt from the T.D. JAKES novel, “Destiny- Step into Your Purpose,” reads as such:

‘If you are to live as a child of Destiny, you will interact with three basic types of people.The first and the most important type of person you will encounter is a confidant. You will have very few of them in your lifetime. In fact, if you find two or three in your entire lifetime, you are tremendously blessed. Confidants are the people who love you unconditionally. They are into you. They have your back whether you’re up or down. They are with you for the long haul. If you get in trouble, they won’t abandon you…You need a good confidant in order to reach your Destiny (pg 56). ‘

“The next type of person you will encounter is constituents. You will likely have many of them in your lifetime. Constituents are not into you; rather, they are into what you are for. They are not for you, nor does your destiny matter to them. But as long as you are for what they are for, they will walk with you and work with you…Understand the nature of constituents because these are the people who will walk away if they meet someone else who will further their agenda…But if you understand who constituents are and their role and purpose in your life, you won’t be too sad when they walk away( pg 57).”

“The last group you will encounter is comrades. They are not for you, nor are they for what you are for. They are against what you are against. Comrades make strange bedfellows. They will team up with you, not so you can reach your destiny, but to fight a common enemy…Don’t be fooled or confused by the close connection..And please don’t be upset when they don’t react to your dream the way you expected them to, because they were never for you or with you in the first place (pg 58).” 

Which one do you have at your table draining you and discouraging you from stepping forward and taking that leap of faith? Clean up and cut out the cancer it’s time for a change my dear friends. 




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