Artist Spotlight: Josh Alex Jones

Readers, meet @JoshAlexJones a freelance makeup artist from Ohio. I stumbled across Josh’s Instagram page after reading his comments under a K.Michelle post on her personal Instagram. If you are in Ohio and want to give back, help him make a name for himself! Check out his interview on his passion for make up, branding and etc.


Me: Share with viewers what started or lead you to this avenue of being a freelance make-up artist?

Josh: I have always been interested in the beauty industry, but wasn’t sure which avenue I wanted to take, I dabbled in hair then nails for a while.  Then one day as I was watching a friend apply his own make up I became fascinated with the process and just fell in love with make up.

Me: What are your favorite products to use?

Josh: I dphotogrid_1475028943955on’t have a favorite product line at this time.  I use what I feel are the best products from both higher end product lines and drug store products.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find good quality products that do the job.

Me: What are your must have products for people to have in there make-up bags?

Josh: That may all depend on the person’s lifestyle.  For some Ladies the aren’t accustomed to wearing a full face but want that no make up fresh face look.  I would say a good concealer, clear mascara and a lipstick in their favorite go to color. For the Ladies that may want a more made up look or for going out in the evening they should have maybe a foundation, concealer and a popping lip color.

Me: What do you say to others that want to follow in your footsteps? What are the positive and negative experiences you are willing to share?

Josh: I would tell them to follow their dreams and to never give up! People may come down on you and try deterring you especially when you’re a guy wanting to be a professional make up artist. And Practice, Practice, Practice!  The positives is all the positive encouragement I’m getting from people from all over the country and my family being so supportive of my dreams.  My most negative experience at this point was trying to learn and better myself in a hostile environment where the people where negative and discouraging.

Me: Are there any books or bloggers you are reading or following to help tap into your creativity and pushing you be successful?
Josh: I get so inspired by looking at what Sonjdra Deluxe is doing  I also find inspiration just by     browsing YOUTUBE and other media outlets.photogrid_1475028834421

Me: What is your favorite make up look? (Smokey Eye, Neutral)

Josh: Currently I tend to favor a more natural look.  I want to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

Me: Glowing is the most exciting thing to do right now in terms of make-up. What product or products would you recommend for the ultimate glow?

Josh: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit or if you want to glow without the glowing price tag, I’ve also have picked up a kit from my local beauty supply store that also does the trick.

Me: How has social media helped you to grow and build your make up brand?

Josh: Social media has been an excellent way for me to get the word out about what I do and to be able to show people my work.  I am able to reach a broader audience.  I live in Ohio and am always surprised when people from other states reach out to me or comment on my work.

Me: Five years from now where do you see yourself?

Josh: It is my dream to be a professionaimg_20150627_195322l make up artist and to see my artistry on television and the big screen. And to have created my own make up line which I hope to sell in stores across America.

Me: Are there any professional make-up artist or YouTube bloggers that you admire the most?

Josh: I really admire Patrick Starr, Stahr Milan, Sonjdra Deluxe and Ms. Aaliyah Jay.  Their techniques and make are always phenomenal!

Me: If one celebrity asked to work with you, who would it be?

Josh: It would beK Michelle. I just admire her fire and her spunk.  She’s always changing her looks and isn’t afraid of trying new things.

Me: What is next in line for Josh Alex Jones?

Josh: At this time, I’m going to keep working on my craft, keep growing, keep getting better. I am currently working on creating my own you tube channel and I would love to connect with other make up artist that have been in the industry for some time to get some pointers and learn new techniques.  I never want to stop growing.

**Follow Josh Alex Jones on Instagram: @JoshAlexJones**

Sources: Instagram & Provided.


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