Freshman Year Spotlight: Amber W. Penn State Schyulkill


I chose Penn State Schuylkill because, I knew I needed to be in a different environment from being a “city girl”. Meeting people that are from different cities, states, even countries has expanded my social skills by making new friends. Joining clubs helped me to build relationships with the upperclassman who can help me as a mentor for anytime. Also, having a faculty at the campus I chose made me realize that there are people out here who want you to feel safe and care about your grades. Seeing my instructors walking out on the campus and them knowing my name instead of me as a number makes me feel like everyone genuinely cares about you as a Penn State student.

My first two weeks as a college freshman have been very enjoyable. Although the student population is 800-900 (including commuters), the campus has many activities. I had the opportunity to join the “Black Student Union”  which is an organization to discuss black issues going on, and also allowing other races to join in the conversation. I also joined the modeling club called “Fatal Attraction” since my high school didn’t offer it and I always wanted to model.  Taking up classes like painting, and yoga has definitely opened a creative pathway for me to possibly take other cool electives.

When I first applied to Penn State Schuylkill, I had the intentions on going to the main campus for my last two years. After being here for only two weeks I can honestly say that I’ve chosen the right school for me to stay all four years. I’m saving thousands of dollars here and the community is super nice. Although the country life really isn’t my forte, I’ve learned to appreciate people and their differences from where they come from. In high school, this kind of diversity didn’t exist. Even though high school was fun for the most part, being able to do quizzes and assignments online and the freedom to live in an apartment is a great way to help teenagers like me to prosper into young adults doing things independently.

Hopefully someday I can inspire someone like how my mom inspired me to go to college, and to dream and work hard for something your most passionate about. Not being afraid to leave their parents behind, or scared to live alone. To me, college is about finding out who you are, and what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can conquer them.


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