Food Critic: Cafe Soho

Sushi Overload

Hey Foodies! I have had a craving for sushi over the last few weeks and regardless of the price, I have been succumbing to the idea of sushi. Now that summer is officially coming to an end and I realized I have not had one CRAB LEG or pounds of Old Bay Seasoning to lick off of my hand. With that being said, I decided to witch my mindset for something less messy and just stick with sushi.

With the help of the YELP APP, I was able to check out the reviews on both of the places within my gorgeous city of Philadelphia. Fortunately enough, both are on two separate ends of the city and cater to different audiences but all are reachable by car or public transportation.

To begin, Cafe Soho is by far one of my favorite places for sushi simply because of the ambiance of the restaurant. However, the service is not the best. It is a Korean/Chinese based restaurant and the waiters do not speak very good english. The ambiance and vibes once walking in is super cool and laid back as they play Korean Hip Hop on the four or five flat screen televisions.  When I asked for water, I was given a plastic water container with a frozen plastic cup to serve myself water without ice cubes or a straw.  I also ordered a Mango Bubble Tea, which was SUPER SUPER SWEET and for $6 it was worth it? I guess since it was the first time I had it. But it was thick like a mango syrup, it almost tasted as if it was Mango Syrup and crushed ice and those black bubbles at the bottom of the glass.

Below: Beef Dumplings served with Soy Sauce not worth it! No taste, although it was served fresh and hot super bland. $6 USD


Below: Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll with Spicy Mayo! $7 USD Super tasty and will order it again 🙂


Side Note: The Female bathroom is not the cleanest upon using on a early Sunday evening, busy Friday night then yes.


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