Throw Back Thursday: My Freshman Year Experience

Soooooooo, to the exact date I have been out of school for one (1) year. I have to be honest going from Philadelphia to the suburbs of Pittsburgh was NOT fun! I was nervous first and foremost because I was going 6 hours from home via Megabus but by car which I did not have was 3 hours. Yikes! Even more so I was attending a PWI when I really had my heart set on attending an HBCU. Also when the school asks us to try to meet our roommates, I could not find mine on any social media outlets. (Hey Julie! ) So going into this I was super nervous and the resting b***h face was on heavy! I had my mind set on getting the best side of the room and declaring my space (spoiled brat)!

But once I got there and met my roommate whom I became a good friend with, it made the transition so much easier. I was always nervous to eat in the Anderson Cafeteria because I never wanted to eat alone (Scared of Being Lonely by Beyonce plays) haha and it was always crowded! I didn’t want to sit with anyone I did not know and it was always an issue, either the table space was limited, only had 30 minutes to eat or the lunch menu was straight TRASH!

I did gain A LOT OF WEIGHT freshman year! I could not see it until I came home for Thanksgiving Break. The fat jokes from my family was in full effect, (Kasey you sure did not miss a meal) ughhh. It was during this time of my Freshman Year that I had soooo much free time because I was NOT STUDYING! Boy, oh boy, did I pay for that semesters later! SN: It was by the grace of GOD that I made the Dean’s List Senior year because of failed classes in my freshman year. Instead of studying I was managing nap time into my daily routine and trying to keep up with my classmates from highschool. 


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