The Year of 23


Lately, I have been feeling like I have a new lease on life, almost as if I have been pushed into a new space. But this space feels different, its pure because I am walking in my truth! (DEEP) When you live in a bubble or for me more so a boring routine, and life happens one has no choice but to adjust. Soooo, I am adjusting was I ready for it? Absolutely not, but that is the best time to jump, unexpectedly. 

So I want you to share in this new journey with me.  We all need support and can use the push along the way. These two books I have chosen in efforts to answer that small voice deep down inside. That voice that has all of these dreams and goals its time to put in drive. 

I chose Bishop T.D. Jakes because he is truly a force to be reckoned with spiritually and financially. After all he is the most popular African American pastor, best selling author and just so straight forward!

All the while including his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts and her journey to finding lasting love with the help of the story of Ruth.  So as you might can tell this journey I am faced with new things, new lessons and challenges. Through it all I want it to be about K A S E Y! 

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