Kim & Kanye West for Harper’s Bazaar


That secret project The Wests were filming with Karl Lagerfeld recently on Snap has just been unveiled.  Get their Harper’s Bazaar cover spread, plus the quotes that had us doing a double take…

Another day, another magazine cover.  Kanye West has accomplished his dream of convincing the fashion world to love him.  So they give him and his wife Kim Kardashian West all the accolades and publicity they crave.

The twosome did a joint cover and joint interview for the upcoming September 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaarmagazine.  The twosome opened up about how they’re in love with fashion…and themselves.

The couple moved their family into a stage home so North, three, and Saint, nine months could have somewhere fabulous to stay while they wait for their new custom home to finally be finished.  They finally moved out of Kris Jenner’s place because they simply needed their own space.


For the shoot inside their Cali stage home, Kim rocked bodysuits from her hubby’s Yeezy collection, and threads from Chanel, Dior Valentino and more in a few hot pics. The twosome posed it up in front of Karl Lagerfeld’s lens and talked about their fave things — fashion and themselves. Here’s a few quotes that had us doing a double take…

On what makes each other laugh:

KKW: Kanye just says the funniest analogies that are so random. I should start keeping a book—in 20 years, I’ll have a big book of analogies.They always make me laugh.

KW: Kim’s just a funny person in general.

KKW: But I don’t get credit for being funny; it’s, like, not a thing.

KW: I think my sense of humor is really dark and super twisted and stuff like that. It’s like, “Is this a funny joke for real? Or am I just rich?” See? That was funny.

On their fave body parts on each other:

KW: Is the face a body part? My favorite body part of Kim’s: heart.

KKW: Awww, now I have to say the same. But of my own, I like my upper stomach. I just seem to always have abs.When I’m not really pregnant, I have a great two-pack. [Laughs.] And of Kanye’s? I have to say his heart. And I’ve always loved his legs.

On their favorite Taylor Swift song:

KW: For me? I don’t have one.

KKW: I was such a fan of hers.

Kanye on his fave book:

KW: Yeah, I don’t have an answer for that.

KKW: Your mom’s book or your book?

KW: Yeah, but that’s like, you know…

KKW: Too self-promotional?

KW: Yeah, too promotional.

(Heaven forbid talking aboot a BOOK would be too self promotional for these two? Of all things they self promote? Oh.)

On the historical figure they identify with most:

KW: Us? Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe—all day. Next question.



On their hidden talents:

KKW: I can smell when someone has a cavity. It’s a very specific smell—not a bad-breath smell—but something that is really strong.

KW: I can analyze people’s intentions. Immediately.That’s just a warning. To everyone.

On their most annoying habits:

KKW: I think he gets really annoyed because I just hate fittings. I’ll just be like,”Ah, I can’t find something to wear.” I get so worked up every time I’m rushing; I get annoyed with rushing. Then I get in a bad mood—I’m so cranky. I hate being late.

KW: It’s so hard to do fittings [for Yeezy] because we want to do things that are inspiring, that people could look at and say, “Wow, I like that color palette, I could put that together.” And there are so many images of things that it’s almost impossible to have your clothes go up against the amount you’re seeing and carry it into one language. That’s why I’m always fighting either to have a house work with us or to head a house. It’s a lifestyle I can totally see: the future, modern Versailles, modern Versace, modern Calabasas, paparazzi, celebrity language. I just want to build a collection that’s around me and my wife and my kids. Because Kris and the family, they have the power of communication. This is the number one communications company.

On their biggest insecurities:

KKW: I would say looking fat sometimes. I really do take it seriously. I try to do what I can and diet and stay in shape, and it does make me insecure when I’m heavy.

KW: I used to have insecurity about my finances, then I announced that I had debt, and now I don’t have any insecurities.

KKW: Then you didn’t have any debt; it seemed to all figure it out.

On nude selfies:

KW: I love her nude selfies. Like, I love the ones from the side, the back ones, and the front. I just love seeing her naked; I love nudity. And I love beautiful shapes. I feel like it’s almost a Renaissance thing, a painting, a modern version of a painting. I think it’s important for Kim to have her figure. To not show it would be like Adele not singing.

KW: I used to do nude selfies in my single days.You’d get a good cock shot here and there. [Laughs.] Gotta keep it rock ‘n’ roll.

On who’s more vain:

KKW: I mean, me.

On the last things they bought for each other:

KKW: I rented an island for his birthday. A far, far away place where no one can find us.

KW: You see, those are the type of statements that make people not like us, more so than the “I’m the best” statement. It’s more the “Oh, yeah, I just rented an island for his birthday …” You know in Meet the Parents, Owen Wilson’s character? All of our shit is like Owen Wilson’s character; he’s like, “This is when we jumped off Mount Everest, and we wore turtle flight suits or whatever.”

On things they didn’t know about each other:

KW: Some pregnancy stuff. You killed this second pregnancy, though.Your body slammed that crap. You made that second pregnancy your bitch.

On what they would do if they were invisible:

KW: Women’s locker room.

KKW: I would probably creepily follow my kids around, see how they act, see what they talk about. I record my daughter just talking because the things she says are so funny. I could watch her talk all day.

Of course that would be Kanye’s response….

On what they’re bringing on a desert island:

KKW: My kids. My phone.

KW: Not me. [Laughs.] I would bring my laptop and the Internet.sutton3_zpskzeedbcm




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