Food Review: Philadelphia’s Uptown BBQ Grill


On several occasions I have had the privilege to be in the uptown area or to drive to the uptown area (yes I am greedy) on the hunt for good good food! I have visited this restaurant on just about four different occasions. The first time on a random Sunday afternoon 30 mins before they were scheduled to close and the food was to die for. I went with three other members of my family and I personally ordered a pint of collard greens. Where as other members of my family ordered fried fish platters with collard greens and yams.

To be completely honest the Grandma Thelma’s Collard Greens and Uncle Lonnile’s Candied Yams are the best side on the menu!  These two items you do not have to guess about in regards to texture, taste or flavor. For example, the collard greens are tender, highly seasoned sometime ranging from spicy to just right. Likewise, the Yams are not your typical mamma’s they are more so along the lines of mashed sweet potatoes.

Here is a list of things needed to made better, yet again this is my personal opinion. These items could be amazing to you and just might be not my thing.

Marconi & Tuna Salad– wayyyyy to much mayo and not enough flavor; this could use less mayo more Pepper, Garlic Powder, Relish and a dash of Old Bay Seasoning

Aunt Carol’s String Beans– pure garlic taste, yuck! Don’t eat this if you are on a date; instead of the garlic just use some butter, salt, pepper and for a kick every once and a while Old Bay Seasoning or a small amount of garlic

Aunt Alice Potato Salad– super dry, needs relish to make this better

Grandma Thelma’s Collard Greens – needs garlic or something to spice it up

BBQ Ribs– Large Size Rib Bones with an excess of BBQ Sauce but very little meat and usually served burnt

*My Favorites*

Baked Chicken & Uncle Lonile’s Candied Yams




FYI– This is just my personal opinion and I am not being paid for this review. Yes I have called and spoke with the cashier about the various orders gone wrong. I have been to this establishment on numerous occasions and the staff is friendly, don’t get me wrong. But I have to be honest that the food should be MUCH better especially when I am coming from various ends of the city of Philadelphia to spend $12 to $15.




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