Lets Get Personal…



Dear Gorgeous,

When will enough ever be enough for you? When will you put your foot down and demand the respect you deserve? How can you be so strong and straightforward to help everyone else, yet you continue to to sell yourself down the drain daily. It’s okay that your feelings are hurt and that you gave someone your heart and maybe the most important part of you. But what is not okay is that you continue to allow yourself to be disrespected. I know you are saying to yourself, physically he is not abusive nor is he abusive verbally. But sweetheart, precious one, beloved he is disrespectful to you. He does not respect you because he refuses to spend time with you. He does not love you because anyone who loves you will not constantly leave you with scars that are having a hard time to heal.

Precious one, its okay all of this is a learning lesson and now you know what to NO LONGER ALLOW. Yes darling, I know you want to be in a relationship and you deserve the very best! At the same time you also deserve to not be treated as a MISTRESS! So wipe those tears from your golden brown skin, and eat to relieve that headache it is not WORTH IT!

A real man, will step up to the plate when he is ready to love you! Trust me you not have to force him to call, text, Snapchat or even Facetime you precious one! But my question to you is why? You know all of this and you constantly give out advice about how to move forward, always caught saying “just replace them,” yet YOU have the hardest time following your own advice.

How can you not trust yourself, you are going to be okay I promise. Listen to your heart, you are worthy of love and you are worth of living the best life imaginable. So stop letting these road blocks stop you from where you want to go and reaching the potential of who you are suppose to be.  You trust God right? Well at least you say you do any way.

You need to ask yourself why do you continue to place yourself on the clearance rack when you know Rolls Royce, Ferrari nor Bentley are ever on sale? Know your worth baby girl and stop letting people deter you from your dreams.

I love you.


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