Carl Crawford is no longer a Los Angeles Dodger

Speaking of cancellations, LA Dodger Carl Crawford just found himself without a home team to play for.  Wow
Carl Crawford, who is engaged to Evelyn Lozada, was just designated for assignment by the Dodgers.
For weeks, if not months, word has been circulating that Carl’s under-performance while being a record $142 million man is a problem.  Now, it’ll be a tough battle to get his spot back on the main roster.
Designated for Assignment is the equivalent of NBA players being sent down to the Development League.  The Dodgers’ general manager stated Sunday:
“It’s one of those things where you look at the player, and Carl has had a great career, 14 years and had a lot of great moments,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “I know he was proud to be a Dodger. He will be missed. What he brought to the club in terms of experience in postseason games, the impact he had on the young players and the veteran players, the experience he brought will be missed, certainly. But it’s one of those things where father time I think catches up with everybody.”
“There are guys who need opportunities to make us better and he completely understood that,” Roberts said of Crawford. “As a player he’s frustrated that he’s not performing and his body is not firing the way it used to. And so it was a great conversation we had and he was completely understanding.”
Sources are saying he was underperforming majorly as an Outfielder.  But get this — even if he’s released from the team, the Dodgers are still responsible for the remainder of Carl’s contract, which is about $35 million.  MLB contracts are guaranteed.  So he’ll still get his mula.
A few things can happen.  Four time All-Star Carl can be re-signed within 10 days.  If he’s not, at the end of 10 days, one of these things must happen: He will be traded, released, demoted with his approval, or he will be put under waivers while another team possibly picks him up.  But until then, he’s off the main roster.
As for the debate about whether he and Evelyn will stick it out, discuss amongst yourselves. 

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