7 Things We Learned from Keyshia Cole’s Breakfast Club Interview

1. Let’s Be Honest
Even though her new song can be interpreted as a coming out song, Keyshia says she is not a lesbian.
2. The Album
Even though radio isn’t really play Keyshia like before, she feels that this album is a complete project that the fans will really understand when they hear it from top to bottom.
3. Manny
3. Manny She has since linked up with her former manager Manny and admitted some of her own faults contributed to their brief split. 
4. Diamond
Cole let it out that her estranged husband hooked up with Diamond formerly of Crime Mob.
5. Hubby Ties
She also made it clear she has no intention in revisiting a romantic relationship with Daniel Gibson who apparently cheated on her while they were married.
6. Me Time
Keyshia also said that she keeps her bullet handy anytime she needs to appreciate herself.
7. Interscope Records
 Interscope Records Keyshia seemed disappointed with Interscope’s lack of support recently. Thankfully this is her last album on the label. 

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