Passport Diaries: VIM Mission Trip to Haiti March 2014

Meet the VIM Mission Team from the United Methodist Virginia Conference!
 Together 13 strangers managed to put their egos, business and personal life aside to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.
Collectively we gave the Haitian community a reason to have HOPE in God, themselves and in their country.  
After a long week complete with hard work, playing with children and worshiping God we decided to take a few hours and test the Caribbean waters 🙂 

The view from the Ferry leaving Port-au-Prince traveling to the lost island La Gonave. 

A community within Port-au-Prince living in close quarters of one another.
The community came together to help create two level stairs for the local United Methodist Church. 
Along with the men from our VIM Team about 25 to 30 workers total help create and add the finishing touches. 

Inside one of the largest Methodist Churches downtown Port-au-Prince the last day in Haiti before returning to the United States. 
Members of our Team participating in Sunday Morning Service with our Haitian friends.  
All the members were asked to introduce ourselves to the Church Congregation.

The school children in the La Gonave Community preparing to attend school in the morning. The Pre- School children wear pink uniforms and the elementary school children wear yellow.
“The Mural of Hope”, myself and my three friends created for the community. Under the leadership of lead artist Mary Beth Lee, myself, Sonja Lowe and Jessie Fisher we began this exciting project. The purpose of this specific project was to bring light, hope and artistic love to the community.
While working on our mural, we met three talented artist from the La Gonave community that also added their personal artistic touches to our mural. 

To see a more detail video about our mural and the entire process check us out here:  Haiti Mural Work

For those wondering if there is ANY possible HOPE for Haiti my answer to your question would be 100% YES!


One thought on “Passport Diaries: VIM Mission Trip to Haiti March 2014

  1. What wonderful photos of work well done: thank you for the chance to see the community that came together for this project, and which will, no doubt, continue in the hearts of all who participated, either directly or via this inspiring webpage. Merci bien!!


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