New Addiction Alert: FiloFax Personal Organizer 2014

As 2014 began, I decided to look for a new personal planner for the Spring Semester while in school. 
Of course as a Junior in college I am on a “Barbie Budget,” yet I wanted something creative and something that would keep me eager to STAY organized! While on Instagram and Youtube I stubbled across the Kate Spade planner and then this Filofax Obsession. I must admit a Filofax is expensive and I will not actually own the branded Filofax until Senior Year as a graduation gift to myself but in the mean time I created MY OWN Version! All while spending less than $40 (sound expensive) but so worth it see the pictures below:

How Beautiful & Yet So Creative YES? 
I went to the local Staples & Target to purchase:
–  Mini binder size 5.5 X 8.5,
– Stickers
– Washi tape
– Dividers
– Tabs
 – Colored Pens
 – 2014 Monthly and Weekly Diary Refills.
Can you see yourself doing something or having something similar? 

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