Happy New Year! Stranded in Philadelphia

“Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you POSSIBLE. That’s who you really ARE! Let Go of any part of YOU that doesn’t believe it.” 

Greetings Everyone!
 I think I was a little to excited to leave Philadelphia and to get back to Pittsburgh without realizing that I have some unfinished business I needed to handle. With that being said God stepped in wanted me to verbally discuss how I was feeling before I stepped foot on the MegaBus toward the West. 
Personally, for a winter break I am still exhausted and believe it or not since I landed in Philadelphia on December 12, 2013 I have been on the GO with full steam.  From hosting college seminars, business regrouping and reformatting, preparing for Christmas Dinner and New Years Eve I truly did not have one ounce of FUN! Sooo I guess you can say I am a bit burnt out.  Have you all been busying during break?

I also have a new addiction for all of those whom organize which is a FILOFAX! 

A Filofax is a form of organizing and planning its more of a scrapbook mixed with a weekly or monthly planner. I am obsessed with this thing! I am just beginning my layout and personalization but I am purchasing all types of sticky notes, washi tape, colored pens, diary stickers and more. 

Check it Out and Share if this is something YOU would like?


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