Rest In Peace: Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

These images in which you see below are the headlines from newspaper around the WORLD as everyone responds to the death of such a beloved hero. As many of you who follow my blog and MY story know that I recently travelled to Johannesburg, SA with other scholars from my University here in Pittsburgh. With that being said, upon arriving to Johannesburg, SA you can feel the warm air and the warm embrace of the people, truly a culture shock. I am grateful for such an amazing experience and to learn with my own hands about the history of this amazing leader, scholar and political leader. 
He is truly a founding father for Africans, African Americans and all of those whom have every been in any form of oppression. As I reflect on my few weeks spent in Johannesburg, I will always be a fan, admirer and believer in Nelson Mandela and his strive for excellence. 

A national Memorial is schedule to take place in Washington DC on December 11, 2013 for the beloved Freedom Fighter. Will you be tuning in through CNN starting at 10am? 

God Blessed us with another Angel and his purpose and goals are finally complete; Rest Well Madiba we loved you but God Loved You Best 

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