Finals Week In Review: Hello Winter Break

Call Me Crazy- Seyvn Streeter

This last week has truly been to say the least Overwhelming! But I am almost to the finish line and I can not wait to get back to Philadelphia. *Praise Break*
Halleujjjjjjjaaaaahhh Won’t He Do It (Tamar Braxton Voice)
Since returning back to school from Thanksgiving Break I have had non stop meetings, interviews, homework and projects!
But through it all I have made it and I can’t wait to put my feet up and relax with some good food and company.
In essence I have been on a up and down roller-coaster with my weight, applying for internships, new business ventures, new goals, trying to make the Dean’s List and LIFE.
Let’s see I managed to balance all of this with grace and above all else with JESUS:)
Also wrestling with the idea of actually identifying how I wanted to embrace 2014 slowly or gracefully?
 If I really needed the people I thought I needed and if I should change my look as I entered into my favorite holiday?
Well grandma always said, “As a lady you must do everything with grace.”
Even as my Fall semester of my JUNIOR YEAR ends and I prepare myself to fight Spring Semester I am putting on my seatbelt are you?
 I have a lot to look forward to in January new business adventures, trips, family time and maybe even LOVE? Really Kasey LOVE? umm Maybe NOT! Lets stick to the books!

In the mean time readers stay encouraged, dedicated and hopeful; FAITH it till you Make IT!


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