Fashionista Expert Spotlight: Olivia Palmero

For the ❤ of Olivia Palmero Fashion Royalty

Is Olivia Palmero’s style not to die for? If I could download clothes, I would never have to go shopping ever again! Her style is totally me 100% sexy, edge, street and sophisticated.   

This plain red Boston Red Satchel brings so much attention to this all black outfit its a true form of pop of color. Red is not one of my go to colors but this makes it all worth it. 

Daily walk in the park but the top from the waist up could easily be paired with black or gray dress slacks and can be worn to the office. Or this entire ensemble can be paired with a black pump and be great for a date night or dinner with friends in the City. 

Both pictures above captures the purist form of a women also known as the Jackie-O so feminine, soft yet breath taking. Ensembles as such can be worn to brunch, church, the office or more. 


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