GQ Shares 15 Tips for Men’s Fashion This Fall w/ Big Sean

Fellas are you having a hard time getting your wardrobe fall ready?!   GQ Magazine teamed up with Big Sean to give you 15 style tips that will take your fall wardrobe from boring to BOLD in the new fashion photo spread “Fall Freshest Style Moves.”

1. For Starters, Get Your Feet All Bloody

We’ll never knock a handsome pair of black or brown wingtips—they’re classic, not boring. But man, have you checked out oxblood shoes? They will freshen up your jeans. They will make the oldest suit feel new. They will never let your feet fall asleep.

2. Now Get a “Just Because” Bow Tie into Your Rotation
Try this: For every three times you wear a necktie, throw on a bow tie. When folks ask why the bow, say, “Just because!” (Style is about keeping ’em guessing.)

3. Meet Your Blazer’s Competition: The New CPO Shirt
These military-bred down shells are gunning for your sports jackets. They strike a balance between the haberdashery and the street, with pockets to stash all your, um, stuff.

4. Take a Closer Look at Your Khakis
The many shades of khaki can make your head do the Exorcist-Girl Twirl. Go with British khaki, a darker golden brown. (Your pair should fit like Sean’s.)

5. Repeat Our Fall Mantra: #NSSO

That stands for “Never squander a style opportunity.” Something as small as swapping out your watch strap can get you the compliments you want—or the attention, or even the girl. (Actually, she’d have to be a pretty shallow girl.)

6. Get Your Sweatpants Up Off the Couch

Before you get all sartorially indignant and write a letter of complaint to the Style Guy (try him; he’s at styleguy, answer this question: Does Big Sean look cool here? We know that wearing sweatpants with a blazer is unorthodox. But it works for him. And it can work for you this fall, too (as long as the sweats are tapered with elastic cuffs).

7. Cozify Your Feet 
We’re not sure who started this, but some designer was probably wearing sneakers with a gray flannel suit, looked down, and thought, “Hmm… Gray flannel sneakers?” We’re into it. Suiting fabrics are migrating to ties and bags, so why not to your shoes?

8. You’ve Got a Snapback. Now Add This Throwback.If you follow street style, you know where this came from: Pretty much every dude at the fashion shows in Europe was wearing an old-school felt fedora. We’re on board with this trend—without abandoning our other cold-weather noggin coverers, like snapbacks and trusty knit caps.

10. Don’t Cover This Spread 

We’re not saying trash your point- collar shirts, but the spread-collar is fresher. No need to learn to tie a bigger knot—you still want a small one that fades into the collar’s wings.

11. Surrender Your Pocket Flags Flags White pocket squares can go in the drawer. Replace them with whatever shade of brown catches your fancy. How well it matches every suit will surprise you; the subtle lift it instantly gives you should not.

12. Put a Leash on Your Cash 

We’re stealing this trick from punks and the Japanese: wallet chains with suits. When everything else is classic, a short chain hidden under your jacket hem adds a secret style hit.

13. Teach Your Suits to Rock ‘n’ Roll 

Want to crank up the volume on your suit—without making too much noise? Allow us to reintroduce Chelsea boots. The ankle seamlessly disappears into any slim pant leg, even a kinda tired suit suddenly wakes up and feels new again, and your everyday lace-ups get a much needed day off.

14. Remember: Fall Style Is Synonymous with Tweed 

And there’s no better place for it than a coat. If both 63-year-old Jeff Bridges and 25-year-old Big Sean instantly elevated by a topcoat, we’re quite sure you’ll experience the same effect.

15. Now Come Out of Your Shell

Yeah, turtlenecks can be a little intimidating, but go to any proper men’s store and try one on. See if you don’t feel a little smarter (in both senses of the word). You can wear one with a suit, but if that feels too risky, a denim jacket will protect you


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