Misses North (Nori) West Makes her First Appearance

Welcome Miss. North West the darling princess of Kim Kardashain & Kanye West. She is SOOOO Adorable right? Sorry Tamar Braxton Herbert Nori beats out Logan Vincent this summer. hahah 
Soon as I saw this picture, I imagined her with a gold chain bracelet on her wrist which would be icing on the cake along with gold studded small earrings. Princess Nori is truly a little cutie sorry Blu Ivy haha. 
This image of Nori appeared on “The Kris Jenner Show” today along with a DEEP! interview with her father Kanye West as he spoke on topics including the death of his mother, music, love for Kim and how Baby Nori has changed his outlook on life. 

Kanye West was on his soon-to-be mother-in-law Kris Jenner’s show and it was quite perplexing. He debuted this new voice that was…well…it’s hard to pinpoint. He sounded all soft and French or something. It confused people enough that #KanyeSoundsLike became a trending topic this morning with Charlamagne leading the charge.
These tweets are hilarious!


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