Tameka Vs.Usher for Custody of the Children Yet Again

The battle between Usher and Tameka for custody of their kids is heating up once again after their 5 year old son, was involved in a a pool accident.
According to reports, Tameka has been granted an emergency custody hearing after she filed legal documents claiming that Usher (who has primary custody) is not home 85% of the time, and has failed to exercise physical custody by utilizing “third-party caregivers…rather than personally exercising parenting time.”  On Monday, the couple’s oldest son Usher Raymond V got his arm stuck in the pool drain while being watched by Usher’s aunt Rena Oden, and was later rushed to intensive care at a nearby Atlanta hospital after CPR was performed.  Tameka’s attorney says the incident underscores the “lack of supervision” in the singer’s home. “He’s not there. That’s the problem.”
If you remember Tameka has had a bit of a beef with Usher’s aunt in the past and has complained about it — saying that she once let a stalker into the house where Usher and the kids were staying, and she’s also said that the aunt is too physical in disciplining the kids.
Coming less than a year after Tameka’s son Kile died during a jet ski accident you can’t really blame her for what she’s doing. The loss of a child is an extremely difficult thing to deal with as a parent and no one wants to go through that twice. If Usher is incapable of being home to care for his two sons because of his busy schedule, why not allow joint custody so that they can spend that time with their mother?
Just two days ago, Tameka posted on Twitter:

“To my children.. If I had to choose between loving you & breathing..I would use my last breath to tell you I love you”

Hopefully, “Cinco” gets well soon. There are conflicting reports with some saying that he is doing fine, and others are reporting that he was in a coma.

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