Family Gathering Recap- Richmond, Virginia

✔Nesmith Family Reunion ✔

Okay! Okay! Okay! I know that this post is a few weeks late but it is SO Necessary. I am extremely blessed to have such a large and amazing family! Let’s just say WE WON! at our Family Reunion in Richmond this year. Even though a few of us were missing in action we still had a great time. 
Grandma Blanche surrounded by a few of her grandchildren during the banquet ceremony. 

Above is a picture of my Grandfather Leroy, Aunt Micki, Aunt Vern & Aunt Andi getting down on the dance floor!

A few cousins along with Uncle Sam, Aunt Lois & Aunt Andi above wearing our NESMITH Family Reunion Tee Shirts Proudly.

 Aunt Barbara and Aunt Micki at Maya’s Graduation Party 

Some of my beautiful cousins, Courtnay, Serena, Tamara & I. 

Aunt Michelle & Uncle Curtis at the Family Reunion.

My Grandpa & Aunt Mary throwback family gathering. 

Aunt Michelle & her neice Miss. Camryn

Uncle Jr & Cousin Kneathea 

Candid shot of Grandma Blanche, cousin Princess, Aunt Lois and I during our Family Time.

Uncle Curtis & Uncle Larry catching up over the weekend. 
Grandma Blanche looks on as some of her grands laugh & talk (Raven, Serena & Courtnay) 

Aunt Ruby & Uncle Lawrence at the Family Picnic 

These pictures do not give OUR FAMILY justice but as you can see we had a GREAT time together this summer and LOVE was flowing from all of us one way or another. From the story telling, shopping, eating, sharing accomplishments and dancing together.  I love my Family and I am so blessed for there strength and there love 


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