Jay Z & Beyonce Celebrates Magna Carta Holy Grial

Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated the release of Holy Grail with a few friends and loved ones out in BK last night. Also, a grip of songs were released… some with Justin Timberlake, Nas, and of course his wife Beyonce. 

Kevin Liles (manager of Trey Songz) looks nice very relax and chill in a simple black & white collection with a touch of purple and turquoise found in his Retro Jordan’s  to bring the entire look together. 

Tyson Beckford looks like he just came from a business meeting, a little to over dressed for the occasion.  

Nick Cannon looks like he is ready for winter, he is only best dressed in my book when it comes to wearing suits anything else is not hot! 

Timberland looked nice, rocking peaches and creme linen set, pants do look a little tight for him but to each there own. Hmm who is his stylist? 

Love & Hip Hop’s Emily B displays a new look for summer which she has toned down her look. She is  going for more of a natural look with less attentions to her curves hmmm could Fab have a hand in this? 


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