Nicki Minaj Comes for Kirk for being a Bad Husband

Resident LHHATL bum Kirk Frost has been getting much well-deserved shade over the last few months for continuing to act out his douchebag dreams in each episode of this season by treating his very knocked up wife Rasheeda more like a slorey sidechick who trapped him than his woman of 15 years who is currently carrying his child.
Keeping with his theme of aint ishtness, the latest episode of LHHATL saw Kirk living the single life by slobbing down half nekkid groupies in the jacuzzi before leading them in to his bedroom. Needless to say, Twitter gave sir Kirk the verbal slaying of his life and at the helm of the cyber dragging was YMCMB rapstrress Nicki Minaj:
Hmmmm I wonder if K.Michelle was right about Rasheeda & Kirk hahahahah thats a mess. I can not wait till the REUNION! Marriage is really till death do us part. The entire episode last night was a mess and it keeps getting messier. Many are reporting that Rasheeda needed to boost up her storyline since K.Michelle is leaving and going to NYC so she needed just a little juice to keep her check coming in. So maybe she is really staying for Better or For Worst, I just don’t understand how they been together 15 years and he has 3 older kids by the same women that are about 20? hmmm 
Let’s wait till the reunion to have all these questions answered because I have a feeling its going to BIGGER than Life


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