Patriots Football Player Aaron Hernandez Denied Bail

Yesterday, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested for the murder of his best friend Odin Lloyd. The situation is not only tragic for Hernandez’ family and friends, but also for his baby mama Shayanna Jenkins. Shayanna lived with Hernandez and their 6-month-old daughter, AND her sister Shanea was dating Odin at the time of his death!
Clearly, Shanea is devastated at the loss of her boyfriend and probably expects her sister to be on her side for support throughout this ordeal.
Shayanna is in a tough spot to say the least, and the thought occurred to us, what should she REALLY do? Does she say “Eff my baby daddy” or is there a way she can be loyal to both Aaron and her sister?
Hernandez was present in court today for a bail review hearing, where his lawyer begged the judge to release Hernandez from custody while he awaits trial.
But the judge wasn’t moved by his arguments — that Hernandez is an upstanding citizen and family man with no flight risk — claiming the prosecution already had very strong evidence that Hernandez had committed the crime.
As for the evidence … the prosecutor went through the entire timeline leading up to the murder of Odin Lloyd earlier this month, including matching shell casings found at the murder scene and inside Hernandez’ rental car. He also mentioned the photo TMZ posted last night — showing Hernandez brandishing a glock in the mirror 4 years ago — claiming it’s possible the murder weapon was also a glock.

Praying for this young lady & her family but also praying and hoping this will make those Instagram thugs remember what you put on the internet will come back to haunt you!

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