Reason Behind the name North West

The reality TV star gave birth to the couple’s first child on Saturday and despite previous speculation they had settled on the name Kaidence Donda for their newborn daughter, the stars have reportedly opted for the directional name.
Gossip website TMZ has seen the birth certificate for the baby, who was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Beverly Hills, California, while other reports from the US corroborate the name, also. confirms the tot’s name as North, adding that the couple will call her ‘Nori’ as a nickname.
Both mother and baby are said to be “doing great” even though Kardashian, 32, went into labour five weeks early.
A source said: “The baby is so sweet. Kanye is in love. Kim’s real due date was July 12 – Kanye’s mom’s birthday. That warmed his heart.”
Kardashian and West, 36, were rumoured to be considering calling their baby North in the past and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star even joked about giving her child a compass-themed name in an interview with Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’.
She said: “I do like Easton, Easton West.”
The Meaning Behind the Name NORTH WEST…
Kim Kardashian gave birth (early) to what her family calls the most beautiful little girl, last Saturday June 15th. It took a couple days for the parents to finally announce their new daughter’s name but I just knew that these two knew the whole time that they would name her North.
It was reported that Kim and Kanye were naming her “Kaidence Donda West” (which I thought was adorable). But the parents announced that their daughter’s name is North West. Yes, just simply North West.
The name is indeed odd but the meaning behind it is pretty cool.
Reported by
North is considered the prime direction. 
North is always on top, it’s a metaphor for Up. It can easily be associated with a higher power. They say God is the most high, but there is also a popular saying called “North of X.”
North of X also translates into ‘Greater than x,’ or ‘More than x,’ which means nothing is greater than it. What’s north of north? Nothing. 
When it comes to the stars, they say the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west, but astronomists say that the sun forms a right angle with the prime direction, north. So at its highest point, the Sun or the Moon is absolute North. 
Pagans worshipped the Sun, and Jesus is the Holy Son. At it’s highest point, the sun is considered North. 
Rumors are also flying that while the child’s name is North, they will call her “Nori.” Nori is a Japanese name, which means belief. 


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