Born Sinner vs. Talk A Good Game vs. Yeezus

Hello Everyone, 
I hope you all are having a great weekend but in the past week 3 albums have dropped and its time to REVIEW!  Just to remind you Kanye West’s “Yeezus,” J. Cole “Born Sinner” and Kelly Rowland’s “Talk a Good Game.” 
Title: Born Sinner

Artist: J. Cole

Grade: B

Lyrics: “Just a young little nigga tryin’ to see the other side
Of the railroad tracks, where them scarecrows at
No brains on a nigga but they’ll air your back
fuck the man, Uncle Sam I won’t sell your crack
I won’t fight your wars, I won’t wear your hat
I’mma pass your classes, I’mma learn your craft
I’mma fuck your daughters, I’mma burn your flag”
J Cole Born Sinner-Miss America

Reasoning: J. Cole a native of North Carolina has risen to the top with his sophomore album and is knocking down the down for the Jams of the Summer. I personally crown Cole the Kendrick Lamar of the South. With this album he has grown to new heights as an artist, he is no longer trying to please to radio, however with the smash single “Power Trip” featuring Miguel, Cole is knocking on the door to run with true heavy weight artist. As the weeks led up to this release Cole has resurfaced stronger than ever before. His mix includes classical melodies, dangerous flows and sharp lyrics as if is really cutting through the horrible music we are listening to. Cole is truly a breathe of FRESH AIR for the summer to began with. I am being completely honest when I say this is a MUST HAVE! You will not be sorry ladies and gentlemen. 
Title: Talk A Good Game

Artist: Kelly Rowland

Grade: C+
Reasoning: This CD by Kelly did not sell me at all and I have listened to it about four times and there is only one song I can pick that I kind of like. I regret not previewing this CD first before purchasing  I myself did caught up in the IG hype of buying this because it is okay. To be completely honest this CD did not sound like the Kelly I am usually blasting, I am not sure if she is trying to a find a new sound but I think she should go back. Even the song with Beyonce & Michelle was corny. Rowland’s last album has way more club singles and songs one would listen to in the club, getting dress for the club or if I was in a good mood. I am shocked Rico Love did not have much more involvement with this project. I was also shocked even with the song featuring the Dream was not up to typical standards as well.  I am an avid fan and supporer of Rowland but this was a waste of $13.99, I would have brought another album instead. 

Title: Yeezus

Artist: Kanye West (Mr. Kardashian)

Grade: D
Reasoning:  Personally, I feel as though this album is very dark and boring. Okay let me be fair, it is Kanye’s true form of expression since he is merely ranting about his rich man problems. Honestly, I thought by this time Kanye would have more of an input positively in Hip Hop but then again he is not Jay Z. This album is not going anywhere near the mainstream, but I’m sure that was Kanye’s intentions; he’s always shown that he wasn’t interested in placing his time into the hands of the masses.This is definitely work that takes time to digest, though I would be lying if I didn’t say I missed the old sound.


Kanye West – Yeezus. Released June 18 2013

1.  On Sight
2.  Black Skinhead
3.  I Am A God ft. Justin Vernon
4.  New Slaves ft. Frank Ocean
5.  Hold My Liquor ft. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon
6.  I’m In It ft. Justin Vernon
7.  Blood On The Leaves ft. Tony Williams
8.  Guilt Trip ft. Kid Cudi
9.  Send It Up ft. King L & Iamsu!

10. Bound 2 ft. Charlie Wilson


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