My Summer in Johannesburg, South Africa

Bonjour Mavens,

It has been about 3 weeks since I have been home and summer in America has officially begun. But before I get side track with the thought of Summer let me share a few things from my trip. Being in Johannesburg for 3 weeks was just enough time to explore all the historical sites, hang out and to enjoy each other’s company. 

These past 3 weeks were full of laughter even during the most annoying times all we could do is love. So as you can see Bibi and I were the crooks that always laughed at EVERYTHING! 

This is Bibi, Jasmine, myself and Dalli our driver walking from the Cradle of Humankind. This museum was about 45minutes away from Johannesburg and its simliar to that of Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute. 

Another great picture of our entire group, we are in front of a statue after leaving the underground caves in Sterkfontein. We are rubbing on on a statue that asking for wisdom and or luck.

A great view from the Potluck Canyon in Graskop, Africa. We traveled here while at Kruger National Park, it was the most beautiful views I have seen while in Africa. This picture does not give this scenery justice, I was truly amazed. 

A typical Sunday in the local “Shop-rite” this is one place that can be found in America. Security was extremely high here and we could not walk in with open soda bottles or with open food. Security even patted down some people as we exited the market. 

The South Africa Rand compared to our America dollar was of lesser value. For example 1 USD = 10 Rands; $10 USD = $100 Rands. Nelson Mandela could be found on almost every bill with a value greater than $5 rands. 

A lounge we walked passed while in Melville hanging out with Marx & Roy our friends from University of Witswaterand. 

Hello Allison, Marx and Jasmine 🙂 

Our group in front of the Nelson Mandela Museum in Soweto, our first day as International Tourist.

Dinner is served from The Moyo @ The Arch yummmmm! Pictured: Trout, mixed vegetables and a portion of rice pilaf

African Dancers found a few blocks away from the Nelson Mandela Museum; a true piece of South Africa.

A college (high school) in the Buefokeng Village in Rustenburg, South Africa. Created by the Buefokeng himself known also as the Platinum King. The school was estimated with a worth of about $5 million usd. 

Inside the caves in Sterkfontein, one of the coldest places in South Africa and shrimp can be found living in these caves. The first forms of animal life and human life were found here and the fossils still can found within the caves; We were more than 50 feet under ground. 

My first purchase in Johannesburg, YES! I wanted to capture the essence of the prices in Africa.

A view from the Johannesburg Botanical Garden 

Our group was very diverse as you can see and we had a great time together. Pictured with us is our friend Marx the greatest tour guide and friend ever 🙂 

A sight to behold from the tallest skyscraper down town Johannesburg, 50 stories high overlooking the city. Yes Johannesburg is very much modern and thriving watch out NYC!

The greatest person alive, political leader and the calm force within the storm. Reading Nelson Mandela’s book has made me aware of how to conduct myself even in the midst of a storm; meditation can be the greatest teacher in the wildness of life!

The greatest teacher in life is education. While on this trip I did not come back a changed person; but I did come back with a greater appreciation for the little things in life. I was granted this great opportunity and I must take this experience and apply to my life here in America. I have a greater appreciation for education and I have pledged to myself to become even more dedicated to obtaining better grades, and pushing myself even further. In Africa every child does not have the access to education and children are killed because they want to learn. Where as here in the United States of America we take education for granted and think its secondary. The social expectations in South Africa are the total opposite of those in the United States of America.  

Cheers Johannesburg, I’ll be back soon!


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