Week 1: Johannesburg, South Africa

Bonjour Family & Friends!

Today is Thursday May 9th at 9:35pm here in Johannesburg. As I write this entry Just know that I have been keeping a daily log of all of my groups adventures and lets just say its a storybook. I thank God yet again for his travelling mercies and the Grace he grants me everyday that surpasses all understanding. So far the first week has been a world wind, cultural shock and lets just say the true definition of flexibility and patience. This week already we have seen over 5 museums including Constitution Hill,  Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela House, Union Buildings, a city called Soweto, The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Melville and so much more I can not remember at this moment forgive me 🙂 But I am having an amazing time i want to share a few pictures below with you all.
Figure 1: South African Currency also known as Rands

Figure 2: The receipt of my first purchases in JoBurg

Figure 3: A lounge in Melville

No No No! These are not the only pictures I am posting from my trip. But I am just giving you a sneak peak of what I have seen so far. I will post more once the internet connection becomes stronger.



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