First Day Of Spring

Today I awakened with a pain deep within my belly, a pain deep within my spirit. 
This morning as I began to start my day God spoke to me unlike before!
As the season changes physically for the world, spiritually this season is changing MY SOUL!
Today marks the day in which I WILL MAKE PEACE FROM BROKEN PIECES. 
As Winter ends and Spring brightens my Pittsburgh campus, I want to reflect on an amazing Spring Break I was able to share with some back home in Philadelphia. I think overcall this has been the busiest and shortest vacation EVER! But I was able to squeeze in all of my favorite foods such as Beef Pho, my grandmother’s Fried Fish & Cornbread, and Longhorn’s Redrock Grilled Shrimp. 
So yes FOOD was first on my Agenda coming home! 
Realistically I was home for about 10 days and it was BUSY! Between shopping for my trip to Johannesburg to calling my family and doctors appointment, I think I slept more at school than anywhere else. LOL

I am so ready for this trip to Johannesburg to come. These next few weeks will be stressful between end of the year work, quizes, group projects and finals. Once all of this is over I promise that I will be excited for Johannesburg!

Until Next Time Readers


RaQuel Mac


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