50 Cents Opens Up about His Sucess

Catch a few tidbits we learned about 50 below:
His Vitamin Water deal was a result of curiosity and good timing
I was lucky I actually got the concept and idea of wanting to sell water from the supermarket. I just saw spring water that was $2.89 and then went further down the aisle and there was spring water that was .59 cents. And I know if you put both in the same glass, I don’t know which spring it came from. I brought it back to Chris Lighty at the time who was managing me, and we talked about it, and then we found Vitamin Water. It was a private owned company in Queens and they provided stock opportunities for employees for incentives and it was a small company at that point. Because I came in at the right time I was able to have equity in the actual company and when it sold to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion, it was a big deal.
I had a non-disclosure agreement so I [can’t tell you how much I made], but I will show you all of my teeth. I did really good.
[Quicknote: In 2007 it was reported that 50 Cent made $400 million off of the Vitamin Water deal. It was later reported his earnings were somewhere between $100-150 mil. Still a lot of money.]

He first measured his success by the home he purchased
For me, That home [I bought in Connecticut] was confirmation of success. I grew up in a tiny space in my grandmother’s basement, like I spent a lot of my time sleeping there. When I walked around that house after performing 320 times that year with the ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ Tour’ and they told me I can have this house…I had business managers around me saying that I actually needed that house for taxes and I said okay, I think I like it.
He knows a good team is critical to his success
[I continue to be successful by] not seeing limitations. I just set myself up, I find people that are knowledgeable and responsible people to delegate responsibility because I still have to go out and be 50 cent. You know, I have Harvard graduates working for me.
He meditates daily by asking himself “Who I Am”
I meditate every day and my mantra is I am. I ask myself who I am and it makes me conscious of me in a different way. I say who I am to keep me conscious, I go through my grandparents and I say their names out loud to reflect on how they actually feel about me. I go through their names,  I am my mother’s child, my grandparents’ oldest grand child. I run through a list of what’s important to me and then if you run into someone who is negative you know, that that is theirs and it’s not necessarily yours.
He has a lot of respect for Chelsea Handler
Yes [we dated]. I need to be careful what I say about that because with Chelsea, she is a sweetheart.  She is as crazy as I am. The conversation and things that she actually says, she has a really strong personality.  You have to adapt and be really quick on your feet to respond, or you will just take a beating.
He’s single and the perfect girl would have the flexibility to be wherever he is
Yes. I travel so much on tour but a lot of my free time I spend in Los Angeles because I’m shooting two different television shows on two networks. If I had a girlfriend she would have to come with me.

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