Sisterhood of the Traveling Soul

“My focus is on always trying to treat the inevitable highs and lows of life with the same blissful, calm energy- RaQuel Mac”

Here I give you a piece of me, a piece of my being to take with you to hold and to help you become a better YOU! 
Here I give you a piece of my being, my future legacy, dreams and aspirations of what makes my world revolve around my purity and my sanity.
Is it the power in my walk, the tone in my phrases and the way I swing my hair that you can not see?
Is it the way in which I stand or hold my hands that you can not see?
I dare not show you the purist form that sees into my soul
But if you look me in my eyes tell what you see, is it the deepest possibilities of every woman’s ecstasy.
Can you see into my soul pass the visible scars, pass the brownness of my skin and into the deepness of my soul.
Can you see me? Can you feel me? No really feel me?
Can you sense the urgency to want to give you the very best of me.
Can you sense the urgency to want to be understod but I am of a misunderstood culture.
Do you hear? But can you really feel me? A little girl from the Southside can you see me for me? 
Can you understand my fear, my pain, my scars are open and you have total access.
Can you feel me cause at times I can’t feel myself the numbness is becoming all to REAL.. the Real ME!
 Me fighting with myself deep inside no cameras, no make but bare as my skin.


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