Winter Break Recap Home From College

Time to Head Back to Pittsburgh whhhhhaaaaaaaa! 

 As the time draws near and my Winter Break comes to an end it is time to say “See Ya Later Philly” and head back to Pittsburgh to take care of my business LOL! aka Sophomore Year – Spring Semester!  Woot! Woot! I am so happy the sooner I get there, the sooner I can get back HOME! Okay so this moment is bitter sweet for me because I really have grown to have a greater appreciation for my beloved city of Philadelphia! I think being in the cold cold city of Pittsburgh, I have grown extremely grateful for the convience of Philadelphia with churches and conveient stores on every corner here! WHOOOOAOAAAA not in Pittsburgh 😦 it takes 45 minutes to get to the Target on foot! Okay okay okay okay enough with venting about Pittsburgh! 
However while I was home I was able to share in SOO many events from Christmas Dinner, New Years Eve Service, joining my NEW church, My Bestfriend/Sister Nadiyah’s 20th birthday, visits from my grandmother’s favorite sister Aunt Gen, my sister Avi’s engagement and spending time with my friends! 
Below are a few pictures from my Winter 3 weeks I managed to make 4 peach cobblers, corn pudding, Christmas Breakfast, shop for all the food and of course shop with my favorite Aunt Erine!

 Hope you all had a great Holiday Season and created New Goals for 2013! 

My Bff/Sister since 2009 and forever! I ❤ you Nadiyah for "daring to be different” and remaining humble, loving and genuine. You have always been a great friend and even if we don’t talk everyday you are always in my heart. When my days are low you are always there with a helping hand to help me up and not to push me down! There are not many like us around “daring to be different” so we have to remain beautiful, humble and fashionable! Love you Princess! muuuuaaaaahhh

Christmas Dinner Spread yuummmmyyyyyy! 
Myself and the Queen Herself My ❤ Queen Bee on New Years Eve as we made our way to church!
Outfit Details: 
Red Calvin Klein Dress from Macy’s
-Rhinestone Pendant Necklace from Macy’s
-Black Pumps from Steve Madden
-Chandelier Diamond Earrings
Make Up Details:
Mac Mixture of Charcoal Black & Dusty Grey
-Barely There Lip Tar by Bare Essentials
Shhhhhh Nobody Business But Mine & His 🙂 He Matches My Fly

This was my Christmas Look This Year a little flare & Spark but comfortable to eat all day!
Outfit Details:
Dark Blue Levi Curvy Jeans
-Black Dansko Shoes
-Oxblood Blouse
-Leopard Vest from Forever21 
MakeUp Details:
Grey Eyeshadow from Revlon 
-Black Liquid Eyeliner
-Barely There Lip Tart by Bare Essentials
 This was my First Day back in Philly 🙂 As you can tell I was extremely excited to be home and going to get a mani & pedi!
A Few Christmas Gifts from my Family ❤

Pittsburgh I will see you soon ready to be a World Ready Chatham Woman!

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