Weekly Spotlight: Local Musician from Philadelphia

Ladies and Gentleman introducing Mr. Edward “Busta” Fields from the Logan Section of Philadelphia. 
He refers to himself as  the modern day Eddie Levert, “The Lost winan” “Lil Nisan Stewart.” 
Mr. Fields is a Drummer, Vocalist, Music Director from Philly makes music that affects the soul.  
“I love Cole Hann. The brand is the best, I love how you can dress it up or down…Swagg it out”
“How I come up with my ideas is, I dress like Busta I don’t try to look like anybody else I just peep the scene and what’s new and I go from there! Just try to add my swagg to what’s out there.” 
I like a navy bule italian cut suit with an egg shell spread collar shirt with a nice vintage tie and a handkerchief that doesn’t match lol #Swerve
What’s your favorite stores and brands?
Cole Hann, Tommy Hilfiger Brooks Brothers, Nautica, Ralph Lauren and Steve Harvey Suits
Follow Busta on Twitter @BustaDrum
Instagram: BustaDrum

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