Laura Govan Opens Up About Marriage

Gloria Govan had a huge year this year, but much of it took place off-camera. The Basketball Wives L.A. star got married, filmed a web series, and had a rift with her sister, but all we saw was the aftermath of each of those things. 
Let’s talk about married life! Congratulations!
Yeah! Woo hoo! It’s been awesome, really, really great. Being married as been a big exhale. I feel like everything just fell into place. Matt’s and my relationship is so up and down that getting married the way we did fit us perfectly. It’s been amazing. Our boys are happy, there’s such a difference in them too having a solid foundation.
At the last reunion you said that you had no idea what was in store for your two, did it just feel like it was time to move forward? You needed a little time to figure things out and you did?
It was time that I needed to explore myself, which I hadn’t had a chance to do since I was such a young mom an getting pregnant a year after college. If you had asked me two months ago if I knew I was going to be married, I would have been like, hell no. But working out our problems, for Matt and I, it’s helped us open up doors of communication and let go of our past. It’s really strengthened our relationship.
Since you took a few breaks from filming the show in order to film your other acting jobs, was it weird to be back and forth and come back to the drama between the other girls?
It was, but I feel like that’s been my routine since say one. I’ve always been kinda out of the loop, and I come back and play catch up, but it allows me to stay out of the drama and play referee sometimes, which I love, because have tons of drama in my own life, I do not need six other women’s drama thrown on to me. So it’s fun, it allows me to mediate a little and when that happens, you get both sides of the story. I always felt like I was a little behind, so that was tough, because I’d hear each story six different ways, and I would just listen instead of agreeing or disagreeing with anyone.
What’s going on with the acting? Your webisodes have aired and there was talk of a film being attached to them as well.
The webisodes are on Shaq Comedy Network and they were the prelude to the feature, which is being shopped around to Lion’s Gate, Universal, and Paramount. Fingers crossed, we’ll see!
What was it like to share your relationship issues with Laura on camera?
Honestly, I appreciate that the audience go to see Laura and I that way. Since I was gone so much, it was really one of my realest moments on the show and it was really awkward to start the way we did with so much distance and tension between us and then we got the opportunity to talk it out in front of cameras…I was a little nervous but it worked out for the best. Eventually we forgot that the cameras were there, so it was a very real, awkward moment that became so precious, it allowed us to break down a wall we had built up.
At a certain point in the season it seemed like you and Bambi were fine, and then there was a moment where you called her a rookie and she told you she wanted to f— you up and it all changed.
The funny thing is Bambi is not a cast member. She is Malaysia’s friend. So it’s like your plus-one having an opinion, you’re just a guest, it was frustrating, because for someone who came on the show as a fan and to support her friend to have an opinion was frustrating. Especially about stuff that she really didn’t have a clue about that went on with Laura and Jackie last year. That relationship is so complex, for an outsider to have an opinion about it was just funny to me. It’s fine if she has an opinion, but to try and amend something you don’t know anything about, it was just too much. So I called her a rookie and her trying to find a place on the show, she escalated it. My beef with Bambi, I broke it down in the last episode, I was like, I don’t care where you’re from, Compton or wherever, that has noting to do with the price of rice, and I think her pride was a little offended. But she says it in the first episode, she’s someone who talks behind people’s backs and smiles in your face, so I can’t really take her seriously. The beef between us was and is completely ridiculous.
Did the tension between you two mess with your relationship with Malaysia?
Malaysia’s and my relationship has never really been that strong, so even if it did, I didn’t really notice. At the end of the day, I would never expect Malaysia to hop on my side of things, so I really wasn’t losing a friend. If me and Bambi’s situation was messing with me and Brooke’s relationship, or me and my sister’s, then maybe I should mend things. But Malaysia and I were never strong in the first place.
It’s crazy how close you became with Brooke.
Absolutely! When you’re introduced to someone in that way, through a third person, and you become closer to that person, it becomes a little weird, especially when me, Brooke, and Draya would hang out, and me and Brooke would have inside jokes or our moments. I was really surprised because I came in very guarded with my wall up, not sure whose motives were what, and we became close. I never in a million years would have guessed that.
Who would you have thought you’d get closer to this season?
Maybe Draya, honestly. She’s younger, ambitious, and just fun…I don’t dislike Draya, I did feel like she was going to be the person I’d start to lean toward and become better friends with. Now, we’re just kinda Switzerland. We’re friends, we don’t have any beef, but I don’t really talk about her when I don’t see her. I think she’s a good person with a lot of stuff going on.
What do you think of Laura’s scheme this season?
She did have this master plan, but I know that even in her intent to be malicious, she learned something. She realized that she’s a mother and she saw her daughter in Chantel and it opened her eyes. She let go of all this hate she had toward Jackie. Was it unfortunate that it had to be Jackie’s daughter to teach her that? Probably. But the other thing the other girls were alluding to is that it’s this little girl: Chantel is a grown woman out on her own. So it’s kind of like, if she wanted to have that conversation, regardless, she’s well within her right to do so. You could tell she was angry at her mom, and I think Laura had endless opportunities to throw that in Jackie’s face before New Orleans, it just never went down like that.
How do you feel about Jackie at this point?
Ohhhh, Jackie. I feel like no matter what I say to her, she’s going to walk out of the building being like “Yes! We’re sisters.” And I’m gonna be like, “No, Jackie.” And She’ll be like “You’re right! We’re best friends.” And I’ll be like “No, Jackie.” And she’ll be like “All right, we’re just friends.” Jackie is someone who wears you down till you’re just like “FINE!” It’s like when your kid has a tantrum and you’re like “Fine, take the damn candy bar already!” That’s how Jackie is. I don’t go out of my way to see her, but when I do see her, there’s no shade being thrown, it’s just pleasantries. “Hi, how are you? Gotta go.”

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