K. Michelle Dating Jr. Smith

 That K. Michelle/ J.R. Smith love affair didn’t last longer than a New York minute.
Last week, K. Michelle’s fans were thrilled to see that she had found someone who made her heart skip a few beats after photos of her smooching all up on NBA baller J.R. Smith in a club circulated the Internet. 
Well kids, the honeymoon is definitely over. 
Yesterday, J.R. took to his Twitter to claim his singledom:
Thats not my girl! im SINGEL! I don’t care how u spell it! #NOWifey here. Some of y’all want ya cake an eat it too! Lol I just want the #Cake. Sorry I ain’t like most! When I’m with someone I’m with someone! When I’m not I’m not! You don’t have to like it! #ITSME.
When he was reminded by one of his followers that he tweeted he was taking K. Michelle home from the club just last week, he responded:
First of all she sent it from my phone!
Meanwhile, K. Michelle took his tweets like a champ and made light of the situation. She tweeted:
Damn can’t I kiss a sexy man In the club without y’all marrying me off??? I’m just young and getting it! He dumps me every two weeks, damn I thought I at least had a couple days left! Guess he didn’t wanna buy me no Christmas Gift. Maybe he’ll take me back in JAN.
She also added:
We all get mad but it’s how u react to it. If u are mad at me a phone call or text will do. Don’t show out. I don’t respect that.


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