Happy Friday & Hello Finals Week

Happy Friday To All-
As another week ends and we as COLLEGE students prepare for finals, I want to wish everyone GOOD LUCK!
Hopefully by now WE all have been studying and now we can prepare!
I know for myself studying the day before never works for the final, so since last week I started making STUDY GUIDES for my classes and as the week progresses I add more and study it as I add. Personally I would love to write papers instead of taking EXAMS but thats just ME!
Above is a picture for staying active while studying when you need a break in between, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and STUDY HARD!

Tips For Finals Week:
-Go to sleep early!
-Make your way to the Cafeteria and get breakfast every day of Finals Week
-Make sure you have some FORM of studying (Study Guide, Flash Cards)
-Isolate yourself in the Library
-SAY NO to Redbull it just makes your more Stressed & Increases Anxiety
-Leave the Social Networking & Texting & Emails till after Finals
-Stay Prayed Up if All Else Fails



RaQuel Mac


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