Ladies Meet Tyrone Branson from Penn State…

Are you sure your Rasta is better than mine?

 Ladies and Gentleman meet rising Junior Tyrone Branson from Penn State. Originally from South Philly, Tyrone is making his mark on the campus of Penn State. Gentleman hide your girlfriends if your happy! Tyrone is 100% a LADIES man!  Tyrone stands out among the normal. With his long curly dread locks, to his bright colored sneakers to his abstract tattoos and his amazing sense of dressing! [Yes! his Lay & Kick Game is crazy ladies]

1.) What are your favorite brand of sneakers?

I love any type of sneaker that catches my eye when I walk into a store. I rock a lot of Nike, Lebrons, Jordans, Foams, Pradas, Chuck Taylors and Timberlands.  I don’t want to look like any one else, I like dressing and laying my stuff together

2.) What makes you stand out from every other average dude dressed?
 My confidence.

3.) What are your favorite clothing designers? 

I like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch, Levis, JCrew, H&M and Express

Follow Tyrone on Twitter: @T_Raw215
Follow him on Instagram: @Rone2Raw


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