Make Up Looks for Christmas Dinner

Below are a few ideas of how to have stunning make up during the holidays. Try it out with different colors and add your own spin on it! 
Gold and Navy Tutorial
Step 1
Apply a gold shadow to the centre of your upper lid. (Honey – Urban Decay) . Don’t worry if this isn’t super tidy, it’ll be blended on all sides anyway.
Step Two
Add a shimmery dark navy to your inner and outer lid and blend with the gold. ( Deep Truth – MAC) 
Step Three
Using a big fluffy brush, blend some black into the crease and blend upwards. 
Step Four
Using the same fluffy brush , add some matte white to the brown bone and blend downwards into the black. 
Step Five
Ok so this is really step five and six, because genius me forgot to take a picture of step five on its own. Add a thick line of black pencil to your lower lid ( Rimmel Scandaleyes in Black), and also line your upper and lower waterlines with this. Add a big flick of liquid liner to the top lid and finish with a black mascara. Finito! 

Cranberry Smokey Eye
Step 1.
Apply a light gold to your lid and browbone. I used a colour from my 120 shadow palette. 
Step 2
Add your cranberry colour to your crease and blend to the gold on both sides. Again, I used a colour from my 120 palette (seriously worth investing in ) 
Step 3
Create a strong, defined line under the eye with your cranberry shadow and connect it to the colour in your crease. This is the step that will really make your eyes look a stronger colour. 
Step 4
Add a tiny bit of black shadow to the outer triangle on your upper lid just to add a bit of depth to the look. Be careful not to swamp the look with the black and make sure the red is still the predominant colour. 
Step 5
Finally , add some liner and mascara and your done! I love liquid liner so I added a fat line of it to my upper lid, but a thin line with a black pencil just to darken up your lashline would work equally well with this look. 
Need Blue to Shine


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