4 More Years Forward…WE Can Do This TOGETHER

Congratulations is in order for President Barack H. Obama who has won the Presidential Election and is gearing up to serve another 4 years to the United States Of America. 
This past year has been full of up hill battles for our President and for our country; however, it has also be filled with victories that not one can even imagine. I am so proud of our country, I am proud of the American people for not letting each other down during this time we need to rely on each other the most regardless of our race or political affiliation. 
For myself as a college student, I am most proud that I can now go to sleep peaceful at night.  I will not have to worry about not having health insurance or having my grants and scholarships stripped away from me or my peers because of neglect to our secondary educational system. 
This election process was long and hard but with hard work and dedication we all endured to help President Obama, lets do the same to help him while he is in this postion as well as to help ourselves! 
The President is playing and will continue to play his role, we as a country must know pull our load to help OUR country move forward. 
Below are a few pictures and videos of people who Supported President OBAMA:

Beyonce posted to her Tumblr Page a letter to the President in Support: 

The President & Vice President with Families:

The Newspapers  Headline Reads: 
Famous Artist Hayden Williams created a sketch in efforts of SUPPORT:

President Obama & Vice President Biden Embrace as the Votes Come In:

I Love My Country, I Love My President and I Love The First Family 🙂 

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