Study Abroad Announcement- South Africa

 Ladies & Gentlemen-
 It is official 
I am headed for another Journey to  
Johannesburg, South Africa! 

I am overly excited 🙂 
Stay Tuned For a Great Adventure

Myself as long with a group of Chatham Women will be traveling in April to Johannesburg for 3 weeks. I am excited to learn about the cultural, food, clothing and their rituals. This is going to be a great experience because not only is this for my minor of African American Studies but also because I will learn about another cultural which is where we as African American people originate from. Very few are granted this opportunity and I am 350% blessed, grateful, humble and I Thank God For this Amazing Opportunity. Don’t worry Maven Readers, I will make sure to keep you updated on the fashion scene in South Africa, you are taking this Journey with me! Buckle Your Seat Belts and Grab Your Passport I Hope Your Ready!


RaQuel ❤ 🙂 
Ps. I am headed to a Goodwill near you to get my suitcases ready to be comfortable and fashionable but all on a budget! 


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