Maverick’s Player: Dahntay Jones Opens Up About Marriage

 Good Golly Ms. Molly- Hello Mr. Dahntay Jones 

With the popularity of shows like ‘Basketball Wives’ on television coupled with constant reports of infidelity and divorce in the NBA, it’s no wonder most women are cautious when it comes to dating and marrying an athlete.
There is one couple, however that has managed to keep a well-balanced and positive relationship.  Last year, Mavericks player Dahntay Jones married Valeisha Butterfield, co-founder of WEEN,,  after just a short time of dating and the two are building a solid foundation that is admirable. Despite their titles,  the couple keep a relatively low profile while focusing on building together as a married couple and raising their son.   Edge Magazine caught up with Dahntay recently, and he was a class act as he candidly dished on marriage and the biggest lesson he’s learned about love. He also revealed how he knew that Valeisha was the one.
Peep a few excerpts:
Dahntay’s thoughts on marriage 
Love is respect. Love is a sense of being equal, being on the same page. Love is genuine. Love is all day long. I hold so much respect for my wife. That’s why I married her. I respect her goals in life. I respect what she does. I respect how she treats people. That contributes to my overall view of love…especially when it comes to her.

Dahntay on how to show a woman that you care
I give her time. Give. Her. Your. Time. Showing her that you care, it’s not the big things–the big things anybody can do. It’s the little things that really show how much you care.
On how he knew Valiesha was the one
It was the first time that I couldn’t speak around a woman. Her presence. Everything she was made me that nervous. I’ve only been nervous maybe 2 or 3 times in my life. I knew that there was something special. Her consistency too. You can tell when a person is just genuine. So many people are trying to be something they’re not. She was consistently genuine.
Dahntay on the biggest lesson he has learned about love
Understanding. The understanding part and learning not to be so selfish. You can’t just think about yourself, you have to first think about how something would make her feel. That’s what keeps us both happy. We don’t really bump heads often because I’m more worried about her and she’s more worried about me. So it’s consistent caring.
Dahntay on the most important component of marriage right now
Trust and a foundation of being able to be trusted. We both have careers where we have to spend some time away from each other. I don’t worry about where she is and what she’s doing. I know the person she is and I know she’s going to be that person whether she’s with me or not.

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