Happy 20th Anniversary to Mr & Mrs. Barack Obama

Happy Anniversary to my Fairy God Parents President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama 

Happy 20th Anniversary to the First Family of The United States Of America! 

I am so grateful for a REAL example of a hard working and a dedicated African American Family. I am proud to be apart of this historic moment in time, to have the First African American President of the United States. I am honored to be able to look up to you both and to be able to prove that with hard work and dedication my goals, dreams and high hopes will not be in vain. I am so happy to see that your love has lasted 20 years and I am so proud that not only your children but children in America can see that Marriage is REAL and hard-work will PAY OFF and a family structure is IMPORTANT. I pray for your health and strength as you both lead our country to a better place, and I ask that God will keep you and protect you!
Thank You For An Amazing 4 years and I pray for an Amazing 4 More Years!
Your Fairy God – Daughter

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