Miguel Gets Up Close & Personal

While on a promo run for his new album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’, which hits stores today, Miguel stopped by Power 105.1′s Breakfast Club Morning Show this morning to chat about music, rumors, and hip hop beef. While talking about his latest project, Miguel said that he doesn’t blame anyone for questioning his sexuality when he first came out because his style was so different. He also talked about his twitter beef with Lloyd,  his recent drama with Roscoe Dash over ghostwriting Wale’s ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ and revealed that you probably won’t be seeing him at the BET Hip Hop Awards again next year.
Peep a few of the excerpts and video of the full interview below:
On the Gay Rumors
You guys know this because you’re on air, people make a lot of assumptions about you. Not necessarily about your sexuality but about whatever. I think at first, kind of getting acclimated to the fact that people are watching and everything you do is scrutinized, I had to take a step back. I think now, when I look at everything, I know that first and foremost [it is about] the music, and I don’t want to do anything that detracts from the authenticity of who I am as an artist. People are going to say what they’re gonna say. You can’t really try to please other people, but as long as what you’re doing is real, then they have to respect that.
On His Style When He First Hit The Scene
Looking back, I did look odd… In the midst of trying to maintain some kind of individuality while being marketed a certain way, I was just trying to be myself in the midst of being pressured to be something that I wasn’t. So I found myself making choices — you know when someone’s rushing you to make a decision? Sometimes you don’t make the best decisions because you’re just trying to keep up. I think that’s what it was. I don’t really regret any of it.

On His New Album
I think this album is multipurpose. My first album was so romance-based and this album is more about like, vibe. I really really hope this album is played at like, photo shoots and inspires people to be creative and do some crazy sh-t in the bedroom like you wouldn’t try. [Whether it’s] role playing…[You do role playing Miguel?] Yeah! There’s a song called vixen on my album. If you got that, that explains exactly the role playing. It could be the president and Jackie O. I’ve definitely done that, for sure.
On R&B
I think in general, R&B has gotten really lazy in the more contemporary sense of the word. Like I’ve said before it’s become more like a stereotype. When you think of R&B, you think bedroom or you think sexy or R&B crooner, you know, buzz words. It’s become a ‘this is what it is.’ I’m a huge fan of Trey. I’m a huge fan of Ne-Yo, I’m a huge fan of Usher. These are friends of mine that I’ve gotten to work with, that I’ve gotten to do shows with, and I’m just excited to hopefully inspire non-lazy R&B music. I’m not saying they are being [lazy], I’m just saying for cats that are coming into the game, just to remind people that you don’t have to stick to what people expect to make money [and] to be successful. Be creative.
On His Hair Beef With Lloyd
Get out of here man. That’s so retarded, it’s not even worth talking about. I ran into Lloyd. I spoke to him. I approached him about it man to man.
On Attending the BET Hip Hop Awards
I did catch tension between artists and other artists, like in the middle of a performance just checking other artists that they might have beef with. [Would you go next year?]  Probably not.
On Roscoe Dash Calling Him Out Over Wale’s ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’
Of all people he’s gonna attack the R&B dude out of everybody, right? I have no idea [if he wrote ‘Lotus Flower Bomb.’] I was asked to be apart of the song so when I got the song I was told what was written, was written by certain parties. I came in and then I added my portion. I know what I wrote, I got credit for what I wrote, so my business is…that’s all that matters to me anyways. For the next man, if your business is not handled, you hire somebody on your team to deal with that properly. I didn’t say anything that was out of line. He has dope records though.
I mean, at the end of the day if you agree to be a ghostwriter, then be ghost about it.[…]I spoke to him in Atlanta [at the BET Hip Hop Awards] and he apologized about it.
On Frank Ocean Coming Out
It’s interesting the timing of when it was announced. It could have been a marketing ploy, who’s to say. At the end of the day as a grown a– man I don’t really care what the sexuality of the next man is.
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