Are You Sure You Know Your Man Ladies?

Hello Readers-
I have to share some GREAT news with you ALL!
 Tyrese Gibson and Rev. Run have teamed up together to create a book entitled, “MANOLOGY.”
 Over the last few months both Rev Run & Tyrese have been tweeting thoughts about the books and I am the RETWEET Queen when it comes to #MANOLOGY! 
The book is set to release some time in Early February and I am ready!
 I love my Uncle Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Man” but I must say this dating field is another job and a sister needs all the help she can get! 
 I am truly excited this is going on my bookself on my Kindle and as well as in my room! 
Women of all ages should grab a copy of this book from Teenagers learning how to not fall for the “I LOVE YOU” card to the women not falling for “SHE IS JUST A FRIEND” card either! 
Trust me we all have been there done that and probably stilling dealing with that!
Have you seen Evelyn Lozada’s interview she still married Chad Johnson even though he was CHEATING! 
Or even Mimi & Stevie J from Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta?
 Yes Gawd! 
We have ALL been there DO NOT let the Pretty Smile FOOL YOU! 
This has been a long time coming. 
Two of the most influential relationship tweeters on the social media network have joined forces to bring the masses a gift in the form of Manology.
Tyrese revealed the cover of the collaborative book with a caption that read:
“BREAKING BOOK NEWS:.. We have never been more proud of anything we have even done.. #ManologyBookCover revealed..!!!” 
And proud they should be! The two New York Times Bestsellers collaborated on this joint venture to help women understand what is going on inside of their man’s head without the guessing games. 
The cover features Rev and Tyrese suitingly in a classroom as they get ready to teach a lesson on the truth. The tagline to the book reads: “The bold truth isn’t pretty but it is better than living a lie.”

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