Goodbye Summer and Hello Pittsburgh…

Dear Summer 🙂

Thank You for all of the love, laughter, tears, fights and above all else progress and growth. Thank You for all the experiences from driving lessons to working hard with my SCOPE 2012 Team. I’ve loved you Summer. The beautiful colors and the fresh fruit and the thick thunderstorms rolling in at night. You’ve given me time to rest and think. But, dear summer, I’m starting to get ready for fall. I know, I know, how could that be? How could I want to give up the afternoons spent swinging and looking at the leaves swaying in the muggy breeze?
You see, summer what I love most about you is the lack of structure. The freedom. The days that blur together. Summer, I love you. You’re a needed and craved after seasons in my life. I’ll miss all the lovely colors of juicy fruit that you provided. Oh and the my famous “sweet butter” corn. I’ll miss that fresh corn.  And of course, I’ll miss those lazy hazy days of summer.
Summer you have been very good to me but I must say Good Bye for now and get back to business. Its time to head back to Pittsburgh to get the ball rolling on the Fall Semester of my Sophomore Year. But before I leave you in the dust and before you become part of the past we have to celebrate MY 19th Birthday together!  So summer, I’m going to live in joy these last couple days. Embracing the fabulous gifts you bring. The freedom and laughter and even the fun and excitement in planning for the fall. Summer you are joy and, between you and me, you just might be the best. 

Below Are a few pictures I wanted to share from my Birthday…

 Giuseppe Look A- Likes From Baker Shoes $65! 

However My 1st Gift that I was most Grateful for was the Gift Of Life given to me today! 

19 Years ago today my mother was blessed to bring me into this world with a big head and big lips 🙂 A blessing and a curse all at the same time!  I am blessed 10x over that Jesus has implanted in me the drive, ambition and determination to keep going and to be unstoppable!  I am forever blessed that even though Mommy you are gone to a better place and 9 years have passed I can not help but to be humble, grateful and try to be the most thorough person I can be. 
But even when you took you last breathe, I am glad to have you as long as I possibly could. I promise to never let you down and to always keep MY goals and stick to my guns! Mommy I even find it funny, that even with my glasses on, I start to look like you, dress like you and even laugh loud just like you. I love you Mommy and now that you are my Angel in heaven please keep watching over me and help me stay clean in this dirty and crazy world. 
I love you Mom forever in my heart! 

 My Favorite Girl, My Grandma, My Queen B & My Best-friend! 

Dear Queen Bee, 
How can I ever count the ways of how much you mean to me! You have been my warden, my angel, my peace in the storm, the twinkle in my eye and the reason my heart beats today! My life has been amazing since the day you walked into my life and you have changed me for the better. For I can not do it alone and I can not take all the GLORY of being this way without the LOVE of YOU and the LORD! 
You have been my counselor, support system and you even trained me to be a one man army. Your love for me spreads wider than the ocean and deeper than the Equator! With my eyes filled with tears and my heart overjoyed, you have made me into the strong, independent, loving, caring, giving and spoiled young woman that I am today.  For I am not perfect but I am a work in progress and I thank you for loving me flaws and all. And for understanding me on roughest days and picking me up on my lowest days. Your a remarkable women, an amazing mother, sister, friend, aunt and MY Grandmother! Our family, my heart and  my soul will and not be complete without you. You are the rock I stand on, the shoulder I lean on, the heart I bleed for and the person I owe my LIFE too! Even when days seem rough and my back is against the wall, you pick me up and send me on my way! I love you times 1 million and I promise everything I do will to benefit both of US! We are a team baby and Don’t forget it #TeamUS!

I Love You Queen Bee 🙂


Kasey ❤


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