Are You Ready For Basketball Wives LA?

The “other” Basketball Wives got together for a pool party in LA recently and chilled with a new cast member. Meet Brooke Bailey inside and see pics of Cassie partying in Las Vegas.
The ladies of “BBW: LA” hosted a pool party at Custom Hotel in LA recently. Laura and Gloria Govan welcomed their newest cast mast, former video vixen Brooke Bailey. Everybody flaunted their bikinis and new bodies for some of the cast members

-Looks Like Jackie is still sticking to the color BLACK hmm winder if she is scared of color?
-Laura looks as if she is TOO skinny she can put on 10lbs and then she would look BETTER
-Malaysia eyes are scary and that smile creepy! But she dresses the best out of everyone on there
-Draya is doing her bathing suit line which is cool but Im use to her and her seductive appearance
-This new girl ummm yeah who is she? 
-It looks as if Imani is not returning or that ghetto ratchet girl Kimesha..who will all the drama be with this season?


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