Happy Father’s Day Tribute

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all of the fathers around the world.  In celebration of Father’s Day, we are saluting celebrity dads.  

Yesterday, the moms, wives, baby’s mothers and daughters of some of your favorite celebs took to twitter and instagram to share photos and Father’s Day messages.
 Reginae Carter, daughter of Lil Wayne, tweeted a collage of her father with a very sweet message:

Okay , where do I start… this man right here is my everything! He has been there for me when I needed to talk, cry, and laugh! People see him as a rapper or whatever, I see him as a great father of 4. He gives us the world, nobody come before us! I thank my father for loving and cherishing me! Some kids don’t even have fathers to talk to or to hang out with! So that’s why I’m so thankful to have him in my life ! Hearing people say negative things about my father hurts me to the bottom of my heart! Because all the rumors and everything isn’t true sometimes! He’s a sweet man, and will give you anything if you respect him! I don’t care what anyone says, Dwayne Micheal Carter is the best father/ friend I can ever ask for and I love him sooo much! I will be devastated if anything, I mean anything ever happens to him! 

❤❤❤*wipes tears*

Check Out More Celebs & There Children Below:

Michelle Obama posted a Father’s Day pinterest board with photos of the President and his daughters, Sasha and Malia, that read, ‘With everything that he has on his plate, Barack always makes time for our daughters’. She also sent out a tweet on Father’s Day ‘Thinking of two fathers I love dearly—the one who raised me and the one I married. Incredibly grateful for both.‘

Kimora Lee Simmons wished her hubby Djimon (pictured with son Kenzo) a Happy Father’s Day with a tweet that read, ‘Happy Fathers Day 2 an Amazing Husband, Dad, and Friend! Thank You 4 All that u do for us!! We love u always+4ever!♥’

Fabolous with his son King Joso

Kobe Bryant & His 2 Daughters:

 Matt Barnes, pictured here with his twins Carter and Isaiah  spent Father’s Day cooking for his family.  Gloria Govan tweeted a photo of Matt in his apron with the caption, ‘Fathers Day… He did work, now it’s my turn to put in work… Bottoms up’.

Swizz Beatz (pictured with his sons Nasir & Kaseem and daughter Nicole) spent Father’s Day vacationing with Alicia Keys and his kids. He tweeted a photo of palm trees and water with the message, ‘Much Love to my amazing kids and my Queen for my amazing Fathers Day trip:) Life Is Good:)’

The mother of Tank’s daughter Zoey wished Tank a Happy Father’s Day with the message, ‘Happy Fathers day @therealtank & thank u 4 my angel. We love you Z&Z [Zina and Zoey]‘

The Dream, pictured here with his daughter Navy, hosted a Father’s Day brunch and spent the day with his daughter Navy and her twin brothers London and Chris (Nivea’s kids).  Although he didn’t get a ‘Father’s Day’ message from Christina Milian (who spent most of the day with her Dad), he did tweet a message for fathers.

The only pain my children will feel will be the pain whispered to them. In time hopefully years from now my children will say….My Father took me with him. I salute all fathers even those who haven’t got a chance to prove it yet. This life is long and u will get…..Your chance as well. My love and Heart goes out to the fathers. And the fathers to be and the great women and Men that made them. Cheers. And to your mother I forgive you its okay.

Rapper The Game, pictured here with his son Harlem & daughter, tweeted ‘Happy Fathers Day 2 ALL the fathers out there, good & bad. Hopefully this msg will make the dead beats wake up. Feels GOOD 2 be a good 1.‘.

Jada Pinkett Smith shared a photo of Will and Jaden on Father’s Day with the caption, ‘Happy Father’s Day Dad!’

Singer Tyrese, pictured with his daughter Shayla, posted a Father’s Day poem on his blog titled, ‘My Back‘.  In it, he sent a reminder to Fathers around the world, ‘Real fathers know that being a father is not just a day but it’s a year round effort to love, embrace and just be there.


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