I Went To See Drake Did You?

Over the weekend I was fortunate to be able to attend Drake’s TakeCare Tour at the Susquehanna Bank Center! It was am amazing experinece for it to be my first concert that I have EVER attended! I wanted to see Beyonce in May but I refused to be $500 in debt! Therefore I just decided to settle with Drake and I knew his songs and lyrics 10x more 🙂 He performed songs such as Take a Shot for Me, HYFR, Practice and his entire album. It was so worth all the fun, running to find better seats and all the last minute preparation! 

He even brought out Philly’s own Meek Mill to Perform together and of course the crowd went crazy!

Sorry if my pictures are horrible, they were all taken on my Iphone 3G 😦 such bad quality

What I Wore:
-Black Peep Toe Sandals from Bakers (90.00)
-Black & Yellow Body Con Dress from Asos.com (32.50)


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