Professional Dress..My First Day Of Work :)

 Hello Maven Readers 🙂
Summer has officially begun and I am officially employed for the summer! I am super super excited! I can not wait to have fun this summer while being productive! As many of you may know I am a recent Alumni of Mastery Charter and I am honored to be working with them this summer. 
As a Mastery student we have a motto Excellences. No Excuses. 
I was ready for that today!
Good Luck! Finding employment this summer everyone and above all else stay safe & productive!
PS. If anyone needs help with college info, paperwork and financial aid help please feel free to email me, I am glad to help 🙂
Contact me at
Raquel Mac
What I Wore Today:
-Grey Dress Pants from NYC & Company
-Royal Blue Blazer from Forever 21
-Polka Dot Sheer Shirt from Forever 21
-Brown Plaited Shopper from Zara Boutique 
-A Strand of My Grandmother’s Pearls
-Black Danasko Clogs for Comfort from The Walking Company

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