R.I.P Nasir aka Na Na Westbrook

Last night on Thursday night in the South Philadelphia section of the city, around 10pm last night a young name Naasir Westbrook lost his life among his community. Fox 29 reported on Twitter late last night ” Philly Police: 18-year-old man shot in head and killed on 1700 block of S. 5th Street shortly before 10 p.m. No arrests.”  This really hits home to not only his family and friends but the entire Mastery Charter- Thomas Campus family where young Naasir attended as a Junior. Many students went to Twitter and Facebook to express there sadness, condolences and their wishes to end the senseless murders among the Philadelphia communities near and far. 

See below:

Aimee Chhorn expressed: 
R.I.P. Naasir I just still can’t believe your gone, caught me off guard 2 hrs after it happened I found out. It kills me so much I still can’t believe it.. Fck that beef sh*t frm what hood you from, you didn’t harm anyone you had a future ahead of you. You were young and smart I will never understand why …. You didn’t deserve this babyboy. We will meet again iloveyou Nana & imissyousoomuch it breaks my heart knowing that your gone.. Never will you be forgotten ♥

Davon Wilson expressed:
rest in peace nasir “na na” . he was so young , he aint get into all that bull shit . smh , when people catch you slipping they really try to get the best of you. i remember he used to wear his uniform pants all the way up to his chest and they were high waters lol smh , rest in peace na na.

Myeesha Clark expressed:
Wow , Rest Well Nasir ♥ ! All Of My Babies Are Hurting Right Now :(. School Is Just Going To Be A Mess Tomorrow 😦 . I Love All Of My Mastery Family !!!!!

Tasharra Yellock expressed:
Crazy how I use to see him in the halls all the time. Smh RIP Nasir ♥ This Really was an eye opener. School is goin to be very sad and emotional tomorrow. When my Mastery Family is sad and hurting so am i. Evrybody Stay Strong And Keep Y’all Heads Up, Love Y’all ♥

-Prayers go out to the Family & Friends of Naasir –


One thought on “R.I.P Nasir aka Na Na Westbrook

  1. omg i really cant belive your gone. me & you use to always play around in the halls<3 . im gonna really miss you nana . when i see your picture all i wanna do is cry... nana i love you



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